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Keith Behrle Productions, LLC. is a full service video production company based in New York and New Jersey.

Serving clients since 1992, Keith Behrle Productions specializes in high end commercials, corporate video, news and live events. We carry all major insurance including liability and workers compensation and our reliability record is unequaled in the industry. We arrive at the job site early, carry ourselves professionally, do a great job and do it on time and on budget. Keith Behrle Productions can script, plan, shoot and edit your next project for you. When it’s done, we can deliver the final project via our FTP site, so even if you’re across the country, we can get you the final edit quickly in full res.


About Keith Behrle:

Keith is a full time Director of Photography/Editor/Producer/Videographer and has been working as a freelancer in video production since 1987. His work for corporate clients, individual producers and major networks includes CNN and CBS. The first video images shown on the CBS Evening News on September 11, 2001 were those shot by Keith, who was on the scene as the events first occurred and as they unfolded. He has donated his payments for this to firefighter, police and widow funds. He says, “What goes around comes around. I’ve been extremely fortunate in my career to work with many great clients on varied and interesting jobs.”

Keith, along with Phil Ross, is the creator of the Fit 2 Fight video series which combines a great work out with self-defense and is the winner of several awards. Another award-winning video that Keith created is The Reef Aquarium DVD, A Set Up and Maintenance Guide. Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine calls it, “The most complete how-to resource for anyone starting a salt water or reef tank.” Over 1,000 have been sold and orders still come in every week for this popular video. He has also produced training videos for St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx.

Our philosophy: Studying and testing is a huge part of being successful in video production; knowing the equipment and what it does is only half the battle. The true professional must know what other pieces of equipment are out there and if they’ll work better for the production requirements at hand. Research, going to trade shows and talking to others in the industry is a large part of the ongoing education that is essential to succeeding in the video production business in and around New York City. There’s a lot to know now, with RAW, 2K, 4K, varying bit rates and shooting for the web. We are very knowledgeable with technical choices so we can help you make an informed decision about what is right for your shoot.


These are a few of the companies that Keith Behrle Productions has worked with over the years.

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