Keith Behrle Productions

Keith Behrle Productions, LLC. is a full service video production company based in New York and New Jersey.

Serving clients since 1992, Keith Behrle Productions specializes in high end commercials, corporate video, news and live events. We carry all major insurance including liability and workers compensation and our reliability record is unequaled in the industry. We arrive at the job site early, carry ourselves professionally, do a great job and do it on time and on budget. Keith Behrle Productions can script, plan, shoot and edit your next project for you. When it’s done, we can deliver the final project via our FTP site, so even if you’re across the country, we can get you the final edit quickly in full res.

In our summer 2021 reel (4:07) we highlight our new equipment, including our Sony FX9s, Gemini 2×1 Litepanels, Zeiss CP3 Lenses and even a 4K drone!