Keith Behrle Productions, Inc. Equipment

This is a partial list of equipment that Keith Behrle Productions, Inc. owns. If there is some other piece of equipment that you need on your next job that is not on the list, please let us know and we can rent it.

DSC_4324This is our new 15 foot long jib with a remote head that will rotate 360 degrees. As shown here we have the EX-3 on it, but we can put any camera under 13 pounds on the head.








Sony EX-3 w interchangeable 26×1 High Def Ingénues Lens. This camera is good for keeping sharp focus on long distances or close work with a news feel.  I have added my own custom made steel brace to make the camera more rugged and reliable.

Sony F-3 with three Zeiss ZF Primes – 25, 50 & 100mm and two Nikon zoom lenses 17-55mm and 70-200mm. This camera is much more film like with a shallow depth of field. If you have 8 1/2 minutes, here is a video we produced about the camera.




This is our new Galaxy Slider from MYT Works. We can currently have rails to make it up to 10 feet long, but can get more rails easily to make it longer. We tried many, and it is the smoothest slider on the market. In this picture you see it with the Sony F-3 on it.







2014 reel TriCasterb

Keith Behrle Productions,Inc. 455 TriCaster

This is our 455 TriCaster. It acts as a switcher, recorder and streamer. We bring the TriCaster  on all our live multi camera shows. It can take up to 4 cameras live as well as two computers via blue tooth as inputs. We can add titles during the live show and playback videos. The TriCaster comes in two high end Calzone cases and is an elegant solution to live production needs.



Our Pix 240 Recorder, mobile edit system, focus assist monitor and edit monitor, and teleprompter also have their own 4 1/2 minute video. We now have the through the lens option for the teleprompter that we did not have when we made the video.

We also have a high end Sound Devices 442 Field Mixer that comes standard in our main audio package. Sound Devices makes some of the highest quality mixers in the video production industry. This mixer is more expensive than most of the other brands that other crews use, but the Sound Devices  is quieter and better.

We have full quartz light packages along with  LED and HMI lights.